About Chad

kidshot.JPGChad Magill was born in Houston in 1975, to Heidi & Don Magill. Chad has an older sister Cheryl, a younger sister Carla, and a younger brother James. James lives here in Corpus Christi and currently attends Del Mar College. Chad's parents divorced when he was just 2 years old. Being raised in a home provided by a single Mother, Chad grew up quickly and understood what it was like to manage money and live within their means. Chad often had fun at the grocery store with his Mother Heidi, when she would say "We have $35 to spend on food, keep track of what we get and let me know when we get close to our budget." Chad's response, even as a young kid included sales tax, (he has always been a numbers and math kind of guy), and would be within pennies of the budget, as a 7 year old without a calculator! 

Chad was a leader even in high school, playing baseball at Bellaire in Houston on the USA Today # 3 team in the nation and later after moving his senior year, graduating in 1993 from Lamar High School with a 3.5 GPA. Chad was offered both academic and sports scholarships for college. Other than baseball, his main interest was in the growing computer field and he started his own computer company at age 16. At that time as a sophomore in high school he was writing modest databases for tracking inventory for car lots, basic IT repairs, and was beginning to learn this new phenomenon called the internet and website development. 

Choosing several academic scholarships and attending Texas Tech University, Chad also pitched until later tearing his rotator cuff. In doing so, Chad had to refocus his baseball efforts even more so into academics. Chad learned very quickly to take a tough situation and make the best out of life. pitching.jpgHe later moved back to Houston and attended Houston Community College while still recovering from his shoulder injury. At that time his main goal was still a career in baseball while financially supporting himself through the small computer business he had started back at just 16 years old. These steps in life via baseball and small business ownership instilled a commitment to individual performance as being part of a greater team effort. Qualities that have been a foundation of Chad's approach to life, and have stayed with him ever since.

He played for several baseball teams in Houston, pitched in the Amatuer World Series four years in a row in Arizona, and also played in the Liga Aguilas Mexicanas for several years, racking up team awards for being the consistent Division A winners and individual league titles for the most home runs and highest batting average - all as a starting pitcher and infielder. He was the starting pitcher in 2003 for the U.S. Olympic Tournament Team "the Patriots" in Paris. He told his teammates on the way to Paris that he had torn his ACL in his knee 6 months before the tournament.  He chose not to have surgery and played through the pain. His commitment to the team, to the opportunity to represent the USA, was far too great to quit or give up. Chad endured the pain while pitching and had to change a knee brace (to larger sizes) three times each game he pitched due to swelling. Again, Chad's commitment to a team effort and following through was unwavering.

At the same time he was developing a successful career in software development on a number of projects that culminated in going to work as the Senior Web Developer for GX Technology in Houston doing 3D and 4D subsurface imaging for the oil and gas industry. He also built online relational databases, some that were able to increase work productivity tenfold for businesses. It was all about how people communicated and the relational databases allowed everyone to update their progress and work as a team efficiently.

don_james.jpgIn May of 2002 he decided to move to Corpus Christi to help his father Don manage multiple businesses and help to mentor his ten year old brother. It was a move that changed his life. Chad had found a place for his energy after baseball putting it all into his new hometown. In addition to his family commitments he opened his own small business, Identity Theft Solutions providing customers with consulting and assistance with online protection and IT security.

His experience in working with his Father's passion for redeveloping buildings led him on a path with dealing with the City of Corpus Christi. Something as simple as getting the same answer when trying to do the right thing was a challenge at times. Chad recognized very quickly, there were major problems in doing business in Corpus Christi and even greater challenges in re-investing in our urban core. Different inspectors would give different directions, sometimes contradicting each other. Sometimes the same inspector would continue to find new things time after time that they required done that had not been noted before. In an experience suffered by other potential developers downtown, the project was dragged out until his father finally gave up on after investing more than $500,000 of his hard earned money. Don Magill was a great man who believed that he could make a difference. Chad has always admired his Father's passion and drive to make the world a better place than he found it. 

Many people would have given up and went somewhere else in reaction to the obstacles blocking the family's attempts to improve downtown, but not Chad Magill. He decided to change things, he got involved in the artwalk.jpgCorpus Christi Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Management District, and actively pursued being in the middle of what makes or could our community thrive. Using his people and professional skills to make as many contributions to the effort as possible, he was recognized as a leader quickly. He was selected for Leadership Corpus Christi Class 34 and Citizens University Class 1. It was an investment that paid off for the community.

In 2006 he was elected to the Corpus Christi Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, in 2008 he was elected Board Treasurer. Chad's commitment to the Hispanic Chamber was significant enough that he was elected the first Anglo Chairman in the country of any Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. That is especially impressive when you realize that the Corpus Christ Hispanic Chamber is the 2nd oldest in the country. He served as Chair in 2009-2010 and is very proud to also have been the first Anglo ever elected on the Executive Board for TAMACC (Which represents 550,000 Hispanic businesses in Texas & Oklahoma). Chad continues his service on the board of directors of the Corpus Christi Hispanic Chamber after being re-elected by membership for another 3 year term in 2011. chad_adame.jpg 

Chad serves our community in many capacities and has served as Chairman of a number of Boards of Directors. He has a strong passion for mentoring our local children and has served on the Board of Directors of Big Brother Big Sisters of South Texas since 2006.  Chad was elected Chairman of the Board in January 2012 and has a very special place in his heart for future generations. Chad was quoted as saying "This world isn't ours, but it is ours to improve and to give to the next generations to follow. It is up to us to invest in their future, and to do it now." With the Downtown Managment District, Chad was elected Chairman of the Board in July 2011. His efforts include championing the building of the team that created the First Friday Artwalk, an event that has grown from 25 attendees to 7,500 monthly, the redevelopment of the Lichtenstein Building into the Cosmopolitan of Corpus Christi, and conversion from underperforming committees into goal based Action Groups.

He first entered politics in 2007 with a focus on making a difference. District 2 incumbent, Councilman  John Marez and Chad ran a race based on the issues. It was clear that both candidates wanted the best for District 2 - it was a refreshing race that focused on what each could do for the people of District 2. In a relatively close race, and after having lost, Chad chose to double his public service and commitment to District 2 into a future of vibrant safe neighborhoods, with revitalized infrastructure, and residents who are proud to be in District 2.

Chad later connected with Councilman John Marez and worked hard with him and assisted when possible. Chad chose to not run in 2009 and 2011. After losing both parents in 2011, Chad reflected upon the fact that we must decide on what we are here to achieve and start today. Don't wait for the right time or overthink what God is telling us - just do it.  Chad's favorite quote is "Our potential is a gift from God, what we do with our potential is our gift back to him." Chad believes in our community, and knows the time is now.

In 2012, District 2 was an open seat. Chad was very clear with the community and voters of District 2 on supporting Infrastructure improvements, Return on Investment from our Tax Dollars and Creating Primary Jobs. Upon Chad's announcment on January 20th, 2012 - he built a great team founded upon believing in our community. We are improving no doubt, but there is much work to be done. 

Chad would tell you that you are always welcome to be a part of his team. In fact he would tell you already, it is OUR team - all it takes is for you to believe that we can and will improve our community one day at a time, with Vision, Integrity, and Commitment.

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- The Chadvocates