Social Capital & Endorsement Week: Online Event

How much SOCIAL CAPITAL do you have?

Social Capital & Endorsement Week is an online event we are hosting that helps you connect to the rest of your community!

You can learn about what "Social Capital" is and how you can build it! 

The journey begins with your first step... 
1) Go to and read about our campaign. Read first hand what WE BELIEVE in and why. 

2) Endorse: We hope you do too and take the next step and join over 200+ people in Endorsing our campaign! It's free and it takes less than a minute!


Our goal is 500 personal endorsements. It's the people who elect a leader, the people who decide to show up to vote, and the every day people we hope are proud to "Show Their Support" by their endorsement.

As you Endorse, you earn Social Capital! Social Capital, as you can see on the "Leaderboard" on, is a very competitive and fun way of getting involved not only in the campaign, but in our community! Our Leaderboards have the current Leaders for this week, this month, and all-time!
You'll see some special events that ONLY social capital folks of 50sc or higher will be invited too... special ways of showing our appreciation for those who stand above the crowd... Are you a Leader? Are you Ambitious and want to Stand Out? If so, Social Capital is where it's at! 

Endorse, help us get to 500, and you'll be on your way!
It's easy, free, and is more fun than any campaign should be!

We appreciate you, and sincerely Thank You for your continued support!

Your candidate for City Council District 2,
Chad Magill
September 03, 2012 at 7am - September 08, 2012
How Much Social Capital do you have?: ONLINE EVENT
Chad Magill
Chad Magill

Will you come?