Early Voting & Locations

We put together this page so that it may help you find voting locations near you. We encourage everyone to take the opportunity to VOTE EARLY in a convenient location. You never know what may happen Election Day and so we hope this information helps you decide to VOTE EARLY.

EARLY VOTING: October 20th-October 31st

ELECTION DAY: November 4th

We hope you vote and honor our Veterans; the brave men & women who have fought to defend our right to vote and be a part of Democracy. Many Veterans have paid the ultimate sacrifice so that you may have this right. We ask, in their honor, please Vote.

The following links will help you find the most convenient location, inform you on ALL candidates, and help our Military, Oversees, and Special Needs voters:

Lastly, please take your children and grandchildren when you vote. It's important that they see you are a part of their future, a part of Democracy, and that it is important to vote. Don't just tell them it is, show them that voting is important and that one day they will be able to as well.

Your friend, and hopeful City Councilman At-Large,