How Do I Vote?


We greatly encourage you to pick up The Island Moon Newspaper! 
Excerpts from the Island Moon:

"There are three ways to vote in the IUPAC Candidate Endorsement. 

1. In person at Endorsement Night (the highly preferred method).
Those attending should bring their voter registration card and an ID to confirm that they are registered to vote.

2. If a person is unable to make Endorsement Night, they may obtain and cast a ballot in person at the POA Office during the office's regular business hours. Ballots must be completed in full and require name, voter registration number, address, phone number, and a signature. If not completed in full, the ballot will not be counted. Ballots delivered in bulk will not be accepted.

3. If a member of the PAC is unable to attend Endorsement Night, and unable to cast an early voting ballot at the POA Office, they may vote via email provided that they have an email that has already been registered with the PAC (for example, they signed up at a previous event such as a meet & greet, or forum). Email votes must be sent to, and voters must provide name, address, phone number, and voters registration number, along with their vote in the body of the email.

Votes cast by email may only contain votes for candidates being considered at the next immediate Endorsement Night (At-Large Sep 26th 6:30pm Holiday Inn Sunspree).

EARLY VOTING is UNTIL 3PM Monday September 26th for the City Council At-Large Endorsement.