Needs Vs. Wants: Invest in Our Future

The purpose of Government is to accomplish together what we cannot achieve on our own. To build a healthy community with sustainable neighborhoods, that money must be invested wisely to create a diversified economy that is not prone to booms and busts. As a your Councilman, I have the responsibility to steward public funds and ensure you get a well deserved return on your invested tax dollar. I will continue to stand up for investing in our Needs before our Wants.

Creating sustainable communities means making sure our neighborhoods improve and hold their value generation after generation. The most important priorities to make sure our tax investment returns the quality of life we want includes ensuring the City provides:

1. INFRASTRUCTURE: Needs Vs. Wants: (Streets, Water, Wastewater, & More)

golihar_kostoryz.jpgWhether insuring quality of life, health and safety, or providing support for business, industry and healthy neighborhoods; roads, storm & wastewater drainage, police & fire resources, basic infrastructure must be updated and maintained. We will continue to stand on the principal of addressing our Needs first and tackling even the most difficult issues that have held us back for decades.

2. EFFICIENCY: Maximize Return on Your Tax Dollar Investments:

Invest in Our Growth: We will continue to stand for fiscally responsible decisions that benefit the entire city. We must invest wisely and be mindful that every single tax dollar should be fundamentally measured on its return on our taxpayer's investment.

High Quality Basic Services: City government must foster an attitude that treats all of its citizens in a timely, courteous and helpful manner. When you have a City related problem you should automatically think, "I'll bet the City can help me with that." And when you are done, you should be glad you called. City priorities need to shift to basic services and infrastructure before shiny projects that don't pay for themselves. We will continue to improve customer service. We will continue to stand for fiscally responsible decisions that benefit the entire city.

3. CREATE JOBS: Attract & Create Primary Wealth Producing Jobs:

Corpus Christi doesn't just need to continue to create jobs, we need to continue to create Primary jobs that pay a living wage and higher. Primary jobs are jobs that add value to a product in the process creating wealth or bring $$ in from other cities for goods and services.

Why create Primary Jobs? Taxpayers subsidize every job that doesn't pay a living wage. Taxpayers subsidize for services whether they be local, state or federal dollars, they are all dependent on taxpayer dollars. Increasing everyone's ability to earn a greater income, a greater total compensation allows us as a community to focus our taxpayer dollars on targeted, strategic initiatives to improve our local economy.

How do we attract these kinds of jobs? First a city must have consistent, predictable, and high ethical standards in order to attract good companies. It must be able to smoothly provide information and City services, it must have a good education system from k-college, healthy infrastructure and an acceptance of progressive and innovative ideas. We must, as a City, be open to discuss whatever it takes to raise the standard of living and the quality of life of our citizens.

The duty of the public official is to be the servant leader. A servant leader who listens and represents all of their constituents. As your City Councilman, I continue to pledge to you to continue my long history of listening, team building, research and planning, that embody my Vision, Integrity, and Commitment to the good people of Corpus Christi.

We sincerely appreciate your support,